Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just another day.

Today was a great day . I went to get gas after I dropped Christian off at school. I love the current price of gas. I then went to Goodwill to look around. Sometimes you hit the jackpot there, other times you are not so lucky. My sister came over and made filets on the grill. It was reallly good. Maizie and Christian hav such fun together. Well, good night for now. I am half asleep as I'm typing this.


Anonymous said...

I love looking around the Goodwill stores. I have found the best things there, so cheap. Your right, it is like hitting the Jackpot. I like Garage Sales too, but it is too cold now.

Our of my 3 girls, 2 adore Goodwill shops, and beg me to take them. Sure beats the mall and the prices. Plus, we look at it like a Treasure Hunt. Fun times.

Glad you had a nice night. Your so lucky your family is so close together. Mine all live so far away. It makes it hard.

Casdok said...

Lovely to hear that Maizie and Christian get on well.
The price of fuel has dropped a bit here too - long may it last!!