Wednesday, October 22, 2008

paren/teacher conferences

Today was my parent/teacher conference at Christians school. He got all E's and +'s on his report card. He got a check mark because he was having trouble distinguishing a square from a rectangle.
He is really starting to pick up on recognizing words. Everywhere we go he is pointing words out to me. I talked with his teacher about volunteering in the classroom. I am going to help out a few times a week. It should be fun. Tomorrow is Daniel's conferences. He is in eighth grade so I will be doing some walking. His classes are pretty close together. When I was in middle school I had to cover two whole floors . They always let me leave five minutes before class got out so I would not get ran over in the hallway. I am looking forward to meeting his teachers. He is taking Spanish this year and just loves his teacher. A good teacher always makes a class more enjoyable.