Tuesday, October 14, 2008

very therapeutic

This is my sixth post since I started my blog. I have to say I find it very therapeutic. After I get the kids to bed it is nice just to sit down and pluck away at the keyboard. I have always admired both my sister blogs. They are both two very talented and wonderful people. Marla is still teaching me things. I need to learn how to post pictures.

Today was one of those lazy days for me. I did not do a whole lot. Christian and I went to the store before I took him to school. He was hesitant at first. He told me going to the store is boring. I said I know but if you want to have some food we need to go. He was up and ready to go in a flash. daniel had his band concert last night. The band played three songs. They were great. He plays the trombone. He sang in the choir to. Christian even enjoyed it.