Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To Routine

I thought the kids would not want to get up this morning for school. They surprised me! They got right up. No complaints. After they were off to school, I went to my doctors appointment. It seems I spent much of the morning there waiting. I have been going through this hassle with medicaid. Hopefully after today it will all be taken care of. My doctor declared me still disabled. I thought so, I've only been disabled for 36 years.
Christian had religion tonight. Daniel and I went to pick him up. I took him to Dairy Queen. Daniel usually is gone a lot at show choir practice. It was nice to spend some time alone with him. Wednesday nights are my favorite tv nights. I like to watch The Middle and Modern Family. I love the Middle because the kids in it are the same age as my sons. I can really relate to it. well, I am off to read my book before I get to tired. I am on this James Patterson kick. I just finished 10th Anniversary, now I'm reading I, Alex Cross.