Monday, January 2, 2012


I had Daniel take me to the store this afternoon. It was pretty slick out. We went to Walmart. I think the whole town was there. It was very crowded. I almost went down in the parking lot on a bit of ice. Tomorrow is the boys last day of break. Wednesday it is back to the morning routine.
Well, here it is the second day of 2012. I have decided to start blogging again. I need something to do with my spare time. The kids go back to school Wednesday. I will miss having them home. Getting back into routine again will be hard for us. A lot of stuff has gone on in my life since I last blogged about a decade ago. My kids and I have moved to Huntertown, Indiana. A very small town! We are living in a new apartment complex that was just built. It is nice but has been quite an adjustment for all of us. We lived in a house for seven years. Daniel is a junior at Carroll high school. He is very active in the show choir. He has been inn three plays. The Beauty and the Beast, he played the Beast. AIDA where he played Zoser the high preiest, and Check Please about blind dates. Christian is in third grade at St. Vincent De Paul School. He switched schools. It has been an adjustment for him but he is really happy there. Christian will be making his first Communion in May this year. He is very proud of that. Myself, just trying to keep busy and get through the winter weather. Winter and I are enemies. It is hard for me to drive and just get around. My cane is of no use on the snow and ice.