Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A bit more about myself

In my first post I introduced myself as short and simple as I could. Being that It was my first post I did not want to bore anyone. I thought that in this post I would tell you a bit more about myself. I walk with a cane and wear a brace on my left leg. I am blind in my right eye and deaf in my right ear. I have been this way since I was six years old. I basically grew up this way. To me my disability is nothing. I have encountered people who will say,"oh you poor thing" as I walk by but I just kind of shrug it off and wonder what their problem is. I never really know how to respond to that. Sometimes I will just say thank you and smile. I don't think they are being mean or anything. When I was younger something like that would have me in tears for days.

I have always been a spiritual person. I think that is what has helped me to get to where I am today. Not only that but my determination and the love and support of two wonderful parents. Yes, I may seem a bit odd or different to someone who just sees me for the first time but I really am just like anyone else. That is something I have always taught my kids. That no matter what color a person is, in a wheelchair, uses a cane or whatever their differences may be we are all the same .


Anonymous said...

I remember those comments when we were little and how upset you would get. I remember being very angry about it and wanting to have it out with anyone that made a stupid remark. I guess I still feel that way today. Growing up was not easy.

You teach your kids well. I remember when Maizie suddenly figured out that your one arm did not work. That made for interesting conversations.;)

Osh said...

I'm also deaf...I lost my hearing (about 98% in both ears) shortly after my son was born. I wear hearing aides most of the time, but lately I seem to have sensory overload. I am more comfortable with them out.

Anonymous said...

Beatiful post, I love how you look at life and your disability. I know it must have been so hard as a child, but look what a wonderful person you are. I love that you are blogging and and I love that you don't let being disabled hold you back. Your children will learn such amazing lessons from you.
Take care.

autismfamily said...

I know what you mean about not knowing how to respond to comments. My sister had a brain tumor that was not detected until she was about 8, from falling on driveway while we were practicing for dance. For a year or so her leg would give out and as we would be going into the ER it would snap back. Finally Drs in NY determined she was born with a brain tumor and the fall brought it to the surface. After the third operation she became blind and our family life changed drastically. My parents would leave my sister in the car, my Mother was clearly embarassed and when ever my brother and I would go out as teenagers we had to take her with us. She is about 4 years younger than me. I am now 48 and we grew up in NJ, they are all there and I came to CA in 85.

My mothers younger sister was born with one arm. She is two years older than me so we were more like sisters. She knew how to sew and I bombed in that class. I would take skirts to be hemmed for work to her and suggested she work at Dunkin Donuts where I worked. Her arm was never discussed, so maybe that was the probem since I learned that when she was in her early 40s she got a prosthetic.

My grandmother and her sister died of Alzheimers and my ex husband is paranoid schizophrenic, so having two kids on the autism spectrum was not traumatic for me and I never grieved or went through the stages many parents go through. I usually just say I grew up around disabilities, but back then it was known as being handicapped.

My mother is very negative and I stopped communicating in 2001, and eliminated that source of stress.