Saturday, October 18, 2008

St. Lukes Hospital

My sister found this picture of me and put it up. I am lying on the mat in the therapy room at St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids , Iowa. I spent a lot of time there. I was about seven in this picture. I was in the hospital for many months. After a while the nurses , doctors, and therapists became like family in a sense. In this picture I was hamming it up. Trying to avoid my therapy session i'm thinking. The expression on my face is like, "I don't think so", "I'm not doing that again". I never really liked my therapy sessions. After I started back to school they even had a bus come and get me to take me to therapy. I could not get away from it. I think I even pretended to be sick once.

Even though I never much cared for my therapy It helped me to get to where I am today. I do not go to therapy anymore. I belong to the YMCA and go to walk the track. That is my therapy. I try to walk a mile. I will go and start walking and others who start at the same time as I do are finished before me. They will say things to me like, "You go girl" or "your doing great hon". I enjoy the words of encouragement. Some people come and just take off running. I always want to stop them and ask them to carry me along with them. I started out to where It took me 2 hours. I am now down to 45 minutes. It is very calming and stress relieving to walk the track.