Monday, December 29, 2008

Its getting late

Christmas is over

I have not blogged for so long that I forgot my own password. I hope everyone had a great christmas. I'm sure you all heard about my sister. I just think what he did is horible. He sounds a lot like my ex. Despite everything she is doing very well. Marla is a very strong person and will persevere through all this. My kids have ben home now since the 19th of December. I love them and all but i am ready for them to go back to schol. I need my normal day to day routine back. Christian's new word now is bored. Everything he does he says he is bored. We get up at 6:30 in the morning and he is bored. I tell him we just got uo. When people get up they usualy do not start doing things right away. I do not think he realy understands the word. He gets it from his older brother whom is constantly bored.

I do not know why I have not blogged in a while. I wil have to start doing it again. I just tend to get busy with the kids during the day and at night i am usualy to tired.