Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you to every one who has read my blog and commented on it. This is still new to me. I am looking forward to visiting your blogs as well.

I just got done dropping Christian off at school. He is in Kindergarten now. I am still not quite sure what to do with myself while he is gone. I am so used to having him home. The other day I went on a field trip with him and his class to the apple orchard. I always try to prepare myself because little kids are curious and have tons of questions about my disability. The first question was, "did you break your arm?". We had four kids in our group. On the bus ride there the little boy i was sitting next to told me i had yucky teeth and did i ever go to the dentist. It is funny what little kids say. The field trip was a lot of fun. I guess I better go for now and get some laundry done or something. Not that I really want to.


Marla said...

Ah, comments from kids. I remember ever since we were little together...the dealing with comments. I always feel very protective and want to smack people when they say very rude things. It is easier coming from most kids because, like you have told me before...they are just curious and at least they ask and then move on.

I think you are beautiful.;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you went on the trip! I remember going to the apple orchard with my girls when they were little. It was so special.

Kids are so honest and ask questions about whatever pops in their little minds. It is good to know that they are not being cruel, but curious. I think it is also a good chance for them to learn about how some of us have disabilities but we are all the same in most ways.

My sister had a neuro-muscular disease and had a difficult gait and her fine motor skills were off. She would get honest questions from kids. What always bugged me was the adults/older kids who use to stare at her. Although, it didn't bother her, she said she stopped noticing. I was always afraid someone was going to hurt her feelings. She told me to chill and that she honestly stopped noticing because it happened so much. I loved her spirit.

Anonymous said...

And honestly, as a parent, it's so hard to react to your kids as they are mortifying you in public with a dumb comment. For James (my son, 6), it's always loudly proclaiming he wants to be in a wheelchair whenever he sees one. And then us getting into the back and forth as to why he really wouldn't want to be in a wheelchair if he couldn't get up ever. And me wanting to sink into the floor.

Is Christian in full day Kindergarten? I imagine that would be a bigger transition than half day.

Melissa Jo said...

i always am amazed by your grace in answering such questions from curious kiddos...and even more amazed by your grace in dealing with ignorant adults!!! Ever since I was a little girl I remember thinking you were so special and such a strong spirit and I wanted to be like you :)
Love you!

Lorie said...

Oh yes...The dreaded and yet refreshing honesty of children. You never know what children will say (including my own). It's nice that they don't hold back, but at times it's nice when they do. I have experienced the same sort of honesty, from my son's school friends, about his behavior and quirks from having autism. Sometimes it's hard for me not to be very defensive about him and remember that they are kids and just curious little beings. I applaud you for the way you handle the children's curiosity.