Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another day gone by

Today was a beautiful day out. I took my son to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I thought it was really cute. My son thought it was sad and was crying on the way out. He did not understand that it was a happy ending and all of the dogs got homes. He tends to get very emotional at some movies. For Christmas I got him the movie Snoopy Come Home. He is a snoopy fan. We watched it together and I've never seen him cry harder. I almost started crying myself. He cried when snoopy left charlie brown to find his previous owner.

Here it is almost eleven at night. I can't believe how fast the days go by lately. It seems Friday comes and then before I know it Monday is here and we are back to our weekly routine.


EC said...

Hi Marie, welcome to blogland! Found you via Marla. Christian is such a cutie!

Dad Stuff said...

I agree with your son about the Snoopy movie. I can remember feeling awful watching that movie as a kid.
Our kids will sometimes get a little emotional at the movies.
It's OK though.

Anonymous said...

I use to be just like that as a kid. I would cry, super sensitive. I remember watching Lassie and crying my eyes out. My mom would try to comfort me by saying, "Cheryl Lassie has to stay alive, he has to be there for next weeks show."
I know Lassie is totally different from the movie and the Charlie Brown stories, but your post just triggered that memory for me, and how emotional I was around animal movies. I heard that the movie you saw was good, Drew Barrymore was the voice. I was happy to see it good reviews.

I totally agree with you about weekend, they fly by. I am so happy to have Monday off for Columbus Day. It is such a gift.

Have a great week and once again, welcome to the blogging world!