Thursday, November 6, 2008

School with Christian

Today I went and helped out in Christians kindegarten class. They have centers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. His teacher loves the extra help. The more I go ,the more I get to know the kids. They are really a sweet bunch of kids. My center today was weighing objects. They had some objects to weigh. They really got into it. Some new the answer before they even weighed the object.

Every 25 minutes the groups rotated. Some were quiet some loud. One group really got into it and were chanting , "apple", "apple" just a bit to loudly. Needless to say that the teacher told us to be quiet. There were no questions today about my disability. I think the kids are starting to know me better.

The hard part was when It came time for me to leave. Christian started crying. I hope that after I left he was okay.


Anonymous said...

I love that your disability doesn't keep you away. :)

Melissa Jo said...

I got to work with little kiddos in school when I was in nursing school...they crack me up! Can't wait to bring christian home with me next week! we are going to have some slumber party fun!!!

Melissa Jo said...

by the way, you can come too if you find somewhere for daniel to stay?

Anonymous said...

I thought you should see this. I was moved by this story.

Marathons are about finishing-not how we get there, or how fast. Just getting there is enough.


Casdok said...

I love how accepting young children are.

Im sure he was ok after you left, its hard to leave when they cry. :(

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas!